The Science Of LENR: Part 1

The way LENR works is through the use of Metal Hydrides, meaning a loading of transitional metals such as palladium and Nickel with Hydrogen, in the presence of a catalyst, to produce vast amount of excess heat that are 1000s of times greater than what would be expected from typical chemical reactions. This signifies that a Nuclear reaction is taking place producing energy on a scale predicted by Einstein’s energy-mass equivalence.

Because of this, the energy density of LENR can be hundreds of times greater than that of Diesel or Petrol, so only 1 gram of Hydrogen can produce enough energy to power a house for more than a year. Obviously the engineering of the product will determine how close it can get to the theoretical limits dictated by science.

The main purpose of the catalyst is to convert the molecular hydrogen to Atomic hydrogen since hydrogen occurs naturally as a molecule of 2 hydrogen atoms, whereas only isolated hydrogen atoms are useful for the reaction.  Apart from the excess heat produced (temperatures of 850°C have been observed), another by-product is transmuted metal, for example nickel will be transmuted into Copper.Temperature

Both Nickel and Hydrogen are cheap and abundant all over the world yet a reaction chamber the size of a man’s fist can contain enough Nickel & Hydrogen to power a home for years. This truly shows that LENR is purely God’s design. Just as petroleum oil lay under our feet for millennia and nobody knew it could be used for energy, so too LENR has been under our feet for millennia but now is the time for it to be revealed and released to the world.

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