Summary of Cold Fusion

Below is a summary of some of the thoughts of my friend Peter Gluck of egoout, from whom I have learnt quite much thus far. He has some interesting insights concerning the field of Cold Fusion/LENR. I think with over 25 years in the Cold Fusion arena, his opinion counts for something.

Hybrid Solution
Pd-D Limitations
The Miscovery Of Cold Fusion
In Comes LENR+
The Dirty Poisoning Hypothesis

The Hybrid LENR Solution
LENR requires not just a theory but a meta-theory, and a combination of theories to explain its modus operandi. It’s like trying to come up with one theory for how a vehicle works, totally impractical. LENR therefore is the full sum of a myriad of actions, reactions, processes, & stages. In order to make LENR the great, rich, cheap, healthy, energy source of the future, we need much more than what is usually called a theory.

A complete hybrid scientific and technological approach for solving the problems of development, replication, scale-up, and control problems is required. This has to be done in tandem. Technology, Engineering, & Science don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Furthermore, technology is not just the sum of certain engineering issues as most people believe. Technology includes also culture, business, ethics etc, as always applying within a certain society and political framework. Cold fusion is too complex a matter to be left to physicists alone.

  1. The Hybrid LENR Solution
  2. LENR is in essence a technology, a practical energy source.
  3. LENR is much more complex, dynamic and diversified than is usually accepted now.
  4. LENR is now in a deep creative crisis and in a “grow or die” (scale-up or perish) situation
  5. LENR has a huge potential as a new energy source.

Pd-D Limitations
Wet cold fusion systems are dead loser systems. Palladium-Deuterium experiments will never work because of lack of scalability. The reproducibility and scale-up problems practically cannot be solved for wet cold fusion systems such as the Fleischmen-Pons Cell. Wet systems are technologically dead. In order for cold fusion to be what we want it to be, the following requirements must be met:

  • Based not on wet (aqueous) systems but only in vapor phase;
  • Working not at low temperatures (>100˚c), but at higher ones (>200˚c);
  • Using not palladium, but transition metals e.g. Nickel
  • Using not deuterium, but light hydrogen;
  • Being not simple, static, linear, but complex & dynamic,
  • Structured not as one step, but multi-step multi-phase;
  • Belonging not to electrochemistry, but to nanoplasmonics;
  • Incorporating not nuclear reactions, but nuclear interactions;

The Miscovery Of Cold Fusion
1989 was not the year of the discovery of Cold fusion, rather, a miscovery. It was before its time; it was too complex, too new, too unexpected, too messy, too multifaceted, too dynamic, too non-linear and too weird to be really understood and controlled at the time of its discovery. The science was unknown, technology had not advanced enough for the phenomenon to be understood, & necessary tools did not exist then. Therefore the scientific method could not be applied to cold fusion, and this was the big error that scientists made.

In 1998 Peter Gluck came to the conclusion that the root of troubles and the start point of the final solution for Cold Fusion is its inherent catalytic nature: all the unexpected and highly desirable phenomena take place in very limited active areas (NAEs), and the research strategy must thus be to breed and multiply and reinforce and enhance these active areas.

In Comes LENR+
There should be a distinction between LENR & what he terms LENR+. LENR+ being the enhanced form of LENR, i.e. mw->W power output vs KW->MW, and Pd-D vs Ni-H. The lost aim of LENR is Energy, hence LENR+, the useful one, has to be invented. With LENR+, reproducibility problems will disappear like a bad dream.

The LENR reaction is weak, transient, random, and intermittent. This ethereal nature of the LENR reaction makes it useless. The LENR advocate must come up with a plan to make the LENR reaction strong, permanent, consistent, and controllable. Thus was birthed LENR+.

LENR+ makes the following recommendations:

  • Technology first, not pure science!
  • Hybrid method necessary
  • Accomplished not by science first, but by technology first
  • Created not via theory, but using smart engineering,
  • Make hydrogen reactive and the metal receptive
  • Nanometric Nickel is preferred over Micrometric Nickel.
  • BEC sequences, Polaritons, Nanoplasmonics, Resonances
  • Optimization, Control, Scale-up

LENR+ makes the following assumptions:

  • Scientific method not applicable.
  • Usual systems hopeless
  • Radical paradigm shift required

LENR+ makes the following distinctions:

  • LENR is discovery, LENR+ is invention,
  • LENR is like a caterpillar
  • LENR+ is a butterfly able to fly, i.e. to generate useful energy.
  • LENR+ is based on enhanced excess heat,
  • LENR+ is a dynamic system of multi-stage processes;
  • LENR+ is based on nuclear interactions, not reactions,

The Dirty Poisoning Hypothesis
This could explain why Pd-D experiments have been so unsuccessful, erratic, & impractical. It is true that for the Pd-D systems there is a real NAE mystic – neither dimension nor chemical composition can explain local nuclear activity. Peter Gluck believes that existing NAE in real Pd based systems are actually poisoned, deactivated by a simple mechanism due to adsorption of gases different from deuterium from air. This therefore requires some serious reaction chamber degassing of all alien gases.

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