Randell Mills’ CIHT Plasma Cell

While we wait for the January 28 demo, might as well talk a little about Blacklight Power’s SF-CIHT power generating device. Though I’m rooting for Randy, I have to admits I have some doubts about his claims. Surely this technology cannot be as ready & mature as he makes it out to be, otherwise he wouldn’t be focusing on demos but rather on optimization, safety, & manufacturing processes in preparation for commercialization. If I were Randy and I had a 1 cubic foot device capable of directly producing megawatts of electric power, I’d be in China right now talking to manufacturers who can churn out the Plasma devices at the speed of light. By the time I do a demo, I’d have at least 10,000 units in inventory just waiting to be bought by those who like what they see in the demo.

Anyway, going back to the device itself, it is a Magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) DC generator capable of producing megawatts of power but it apparently also requires megawatts of power to induce the reaction, 5,000KW according to the patent application. An MHD generator is 19th century science first formulated by Michael Faraday; a device for converting the heat energy of a fuel directly into electrical energy without making use of a conventional electric generator.CIHT MHD 1Basically, when an electric conductor moves across a magnetic field, a voltage is created which produces an electric current. This is how the conventional generators work, wherein the conductors are made of copper. The science of electro magnetic induction is not limited to solid conductors only though, the movement of a conducting fluid or plasma through a magnetic field can also generate electrical energy. In an MHD generator, the solid conductors are replaced by an ionized gaseous conductor. When this gas passes at high velocity through a powerful magnetic field, a current is generated that can be extracted.

This effect is a result of Faradays laws of electro magnetic induction.

The amount of EMF / voltage created can be calculated as follows:
Eind = u x B
where u = velocity of the Plasma, & B = magnetic field intensity
The amount of current created can be calculated as follows:
Jind = C x Eind
where C = electric conductivity of the Plasma

Randy’s device is probably the biggest news in the LENR space right now. After quite a long silence, looks like Blacklight Power is back on the scene.

Randell Mill’s presentation did not really change much except for the fact that it showed his CIHT Plasma cell actually exists and seems to work as stated. Unfortunately is requires 5MW of power to produce 10MW so presently, it’s only suitable for the distributed power companies. Still some years away from actual implementation.

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