Quantum Energy Generator – A Waste Of Time

Having followed the QEG free energy device since Sterling Allan broke the story, I’ve now come to the conclusion that nothing’s going to come out of it. qegI, as one person put it, find it rather odd the way so much hype is being created around the QEG and how it appears hopegirl is making a business out of it instead of true open sourcing. All the CICUs, namings, & what have you. Well, I have my own theory; could it be that they’re using this to further their New Age Spirituality agenda, especially a new age view that will be based on new understandings, new “revelation”, particularly when it’s based on new science, quantum physics in particular, to use quantum physics to prove that God is in every thing and everyone. Not Quantum Physics as a true science of physics, but to use Quantum Physics to take the quantum leap into the so called “spiritual”.”

As exposed by Mark Dansie of http://revolution-green.com, these people have raised a lot of money with this QEG. See below some of the money raised so far.

Bring Hope to Australia and New Zealand ($5,290 of $5,000 goal)
Help Bring Energy and Hope to Morocco! ($8,062 of $6,460 goal)
Fix the World Hope For America Tour ($3,817 of $40,000 goal)
Fix the World Org. Help keep us Going! ($25,762 of $50,000 goal)
Angels in Boston * HopeGirl & Fix The World Documentary ($2,556 of $2,500 goal)
December Soft Launch Administration Funding ($1,055 of $85,000 goal)
Peoples Fund Administrative Start Up Revised for 2014 ($1,009 of $10,000 goal)
HopeGirl: Fix The World Documentary ($4,781 of $26,990 goal)
Home Quantum Energy Generator ($18,064 of $7,610 goal)
Bring Quantum Generators to the World! ($29,421 of $20,000 goal)

Apparently no over-unity was ever achieved with the device. Here’s what somebody on the Skype groups had to say say:

“A couple of days ago I learned that over-unity had not been achieved by the Hope team at any time in Taiwan or prior to that. They are trying hard in Morocco to get over-unity… It is unfortunate however that things concerning the QEG where presented the way they were to all of us. I really feel in my heart that truth, honesty and transparency is the way forward and I don’t feel that we got that from Hope. Right from the get go it would have been better for everyone if they had clearly stated that yes the QEG can get over-unity, however, while we understand how to achieve resonance, we don’t fully understand as of yet how to get to over-unity. This is the truth. It’s honest. It’s transparent. What we got instead was confusion, a great big cloud of confusion. Do we have over-unity? Did it happen in Taiwan? Did James get it in his barn? Has anyone seen it? What is the truth?…. and so on and so on and so on….

“The truth has been revealed and many are not pleased, I for one am not pleased and am having to work hard to rebalance myself now. I have stood in front of people and told them, “yes over-unity has happened,” but that is not the truth. I love Hope and her family and I forgive them. They are trying to bring free energy to the world and they are only human. Humans make mistakes. I have made my fair share. They should have told everyone right from the start that over-unity was still not figured out yet. I am not sure why they chose not to do that, but what’s done is done. I feel that now that the truth is out, we can all clear away the negative energy associated with the confusion surrounding this issue of whether or not over-unity had been accomplished. It is possible to achieve, that is clear. Many engineers agree…

“I strongly disagree with the way that the QEG was laid out to the pubic. If we are to move forward as a species and escape the slavery systems that continue to hold us back from our potential… then we must embrace truth, honesty and transparency. If we don’t, we are only feeding the corruption that we all want so desperately to vanish from our world.”

I’m done with the QEG, back to LENR.

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3 Responses to Quantum Energy Generator – A Waste Of Time

  1. bachcole says:

    I never gave QEG a second thought. No demo, no second thought. It is as simple as that for me. The Wright Bros. gave a demo; I would have given it a second thought. Mills’ demo was pathetic, tantamount to no demo; I give him no second thought. Rossi has given many demos, one really spectacular, I give him many second thoughts. This QEG no demo; no second thought.


  2. Stardust says:

    Your viewpoint is easy to understand. I have followed the QEG project the last weeks and supported the spreading of the handbook to the world with an own website. But what you state, the missing of the over-unity effect, i can agee with. There is no proove of over-unity. I believe they have tried to rebuild the Witts engine, which is a very old design. But there is also no evidence of over-unity. I think all free energy organizations are having the problem with the final break-through.

    Looking at this from a spiritual point of view, ther must be said, until there is only one little point of lie, it will not work! Especially in the area of free energy. Because free energy is an area, where spirituality, truth and science are working together.

    So, as you stated, transparency is an absolute must. These principle of transparency all existing organizations have missed. They are all dealing with mystery-sandwich. That meens giving a big bunch of data, but hiding some little important data. So the activator circuit on the QEG is not very good documented. This is the peace of missing data. I would say, even Hopegirls nearest circle is trying to figure out this factor. Now they put all their hope on the people in Taiwan, Marocco or elsewhere.

    The same with Keshe-Foundation. There is no proove of working machines. Mystery-Sandwich everytime. In the group there ar very interested young people, who want to move something, but the methodology seems to be not very scientific. I think Keshe is hoping to find a genius, who solves the last problems with his reactor.

    In my opinion free energy can only work, when all people are working together with open cards. I am an engineer myself. I hav no problem to say, that i have an idea, but i need some special problems solved. With such an open appoach the existing free energy-groups could expand much better and find genius people, who can contribute to the area.


  3. Gery says:

    Radiant energy is real and the proof is here, that’s why we are trying to make one that works using the NWO principle ”PROBLEM REACTION SOLUTION” in the good sense ! LOL I am sure we will get some attentions when we drive a bike for 400KM on radiant energy and we sure do not need millions for that !? Please pass on the info ! The more people working to solve this problem teh better ! Best regards Gery


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