Blacklight Power’s July 21 Demo

Randell Mills, after 20 years of hard work conceptualizing is Hydrino Theory and formulating the Unified Field theory wherein classical physics (Newton, Maxwell, et al) explains all physical phenomena – from the gravity of vast bodies like the sun all the way down to tiny electrons, believes he has finally achieved what he’s been striving hard for for so long: A new energy source ready for commercialization.

I believe Randell Mills has to be commended for all the theoretical work is done over the years, including completing Einstein’s Unified Theory. This was the very thing Einstein was Albert-Einstein-God-Quotesworking on when he died. I believe Randell deserves and might even win a Nobel prize for this coz basically what he has done is prove that the world does not need Quantum Physics. Something Einstein himself also said decades ago. It is after all really difficult to believe in a science with so many paradoxes and internal inconsistencies, and one that is based on probabilities, assumptions, spooky actions, the requirements that two or more contradictory results exist simultaneously, or that says an electron has no mass, no location, & can be everywhere at once. Is such a science no simply Man’s way of explaining physical phenomena that they do not understand?

But I digress. Back to Blacklight.

Blacklight power is no longer pursuing the magneto hydrodynamic tech they worked on initially because of the low plasma speeds they were getting. Instead, in his interview with Sterling Allan, he said the Blacklight device, now called a SunCell, is producing electrical energy via photovoltaics. Working with ammonium nitrate salts & nickel oxide hydroxides as solid fuels, it produces a plasma light with an intensity equivalent to over 50 thousand suns that can easily be harnessed by mainstream photovoltaics. Currently a 1m2 solar panel costs about $200, generating 200W from a light incidence of 1KW per m2, meaning an average efficiency of about 20%. If such an efficiency remains the same with increase in in light intensity, then the SunCell could easily produce over 5MW of electrical power. He believes the low efficiencies of solar cells will not pose a problem as the intensity of the light is such that a low efficiency will still be more than adequate.

Only time will tell if this is the case.

As for the July 21 Demo, Blacklight will be showing continuous power generation, something they’ve never managed to achieved before, even from the days of excess heat generation to the CIHT. So I’ll keep a close eye on this one.

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