Rossi’s E-Cat has a 6% efficiency, but who cares!

Finally the 3rd party independent test results of Andrea Rossi’s LENR device, the E-Cat, have now been released. The test was conducted in March 2014 over a period of 32 days on a reactor tube operating at a temperature of 1400 °C . Note that thermal power plants require about 1000 degrees to produce electricity. The reactor, which is an improved version of the previous steel reactor, is made of a ceramic material known as Alumina, and has a reaction chamber with a volume less than 0.1 litres. Amazingly, a total of only one 1 gram of fuel was used in the entire duration of the test.

Ragon Chart: LENR vs Li-ion Batteries vs Fuel Cells vs Gasoline.

Ragon Chart: LENR vs Li-ion Batteries vs Fuel Cells vs Gasoline.

In the 1st half of the test, the reactor operated at 1260 ºC, and at about 1400 °C in the second half, with a COP of 3.5. The total net energy obtained during the 32 days run was about 1.5 MWh. According to the scientists, this amount of energy is far more than can be obtained from any known chemical sources in such a small reactor volume.

The energy generation was ignited by a combination of heat and some specific electromagnetic pulses.

Below are some interesting observations:

  • Micrometric Nickel is used, not nano metric.
  • COP was kept at a low 3.5 for safety reasons but could be much higher.
  •  E-Cat Fuel = 1 gram.
  • Reactor was shutdown after 32 days before fuel was spent.
  • Power density = 1.6 GWh/kg.
  • Efficiency = 6% (doesn’t really matter coz we’re dealing with energy at nuclear  scale).
  • The powder fuel is comprised of Nickel & what looks like a chemical/metal hydride, Lithium Alanate LiAlH4, plus some Iron. Lithium Alanate can hold up to 10.6 wt% hydrogen.
  • Further analysis of the fuel showed that the mass ratio between Li and Al is compatible with the LiAlH4 molecule.
  • The observed isotopic changes in Lithium & Nickel showed that the burning process in the E-Cat indeed changes the fuel at a nuclear level. Therefore this is a nuclear reaction
  • No radiation.
  • Self-sustain mode was possible but not utilized.
  • Ceramic Alumina Cylinder has a Melting Point of 2,072 °C .
  • Reaction Chamber Volume = 0.063 L.
  • 23 hour dummy test produced no excess heat.
Alumina E-Cat

E-Cat – An Alumina LENR device weighing only 452 grams but producing 1.6 GWh/kg of heat energy.

The device can actually go beyond 1400 °C but the scientists decided not to try this to avoid damage, because just raising the input power by 100 W led to a temperature gain of 140 °C . The speed with which the temperature had risen persuaded them to desist from any further attempt to increase the power input to the reactor. Maximum input power was therefore set to 900W.

Here are some interesting facts about hydrogen:

  • Hydrogen Chemical Energy = 33 KWh/kg = 330 Wh/gram
  • Hydrogen Nuclear Energy = 25 GWh/gram
  • Average efficiency of nuclear power plants is 0.27 %

Comparison of 100 KWh in different energy systems:
(100 KWh is the equivalent of a full tank of gasoline in a Ford Focus)

Li-ion Battery Gasoline PEM Fuel Cell
Mass 900 kg 50 kg 5 kg (Hydrogen) 0.000004 grams
Volume 300 L 60 L 125 L (Hydrogen) Negligible

Extrapolating an estimate maximum possible efficiency of 30% (Like your typical Internal Combustion Engine or Thermal Power Plants), shows that future E-Cats will have a power density of up to 8 GWh/kg.

As the reporst said; “It is certainly most unsatisfying that these results so far have no convincing theoretical explanation, but the experimental results cannot be dismissed or ignored just because of lack of theoretical understanding.”

Well said. Below is the entire document.

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12 Responses to Rossi’s E-Cat has a 6% efficiency, but who cares!

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  2. tyy says:

    Exactly the same team than last year lead by Guiseppe Levi, who is very close to Rossi. Not to mention Mr. Rossi himself was pulling the strings again.

    Hardly an independent test, is it now?

    All our knowledge of current physics suggests, that the claim is highly unlikely, because it would require the very basics of nuclear physics to be wrong; they are not. We know we don’t know everything, but we know enough to call bulls**t on this one.

    Scam, together with sloppy execution of the test, are also the simplest explanation. Not to mention that this new test and the report are both suspicious in almost every aspect, resulting in even greater farce than last year.


  3. C. T. Amos says:

    Scientists also said the same thing about the earth being flat back in the 17th century. They knew they didn’t know everything, but believed they knew enough to know the earth was flat.


  4. Dr. Physics says:

    “In fourteen hundred ninety two/Colombus sailed the ocean blue.” Ok, that was the end of the Fifteenth century. Thereafter every intelligent person knew the earth was round. But in point of fact philosophers from the time of the Ancient Greeks knew the planet was spheroid all. The question solved by Columbus was HOW BIG IS IT?

    So, Mr. Amos, get serious or get out.


  5. Amos says:

    Actually, in the 8th century BC, the prophet Isaiah said “It is God who sits enthroned above the circle of the earth, and its people.” Isa 40:22. And here’s the moral of story, God knows everything, Man knows just a tiny little bit. Therefore it makes no sense for a scientist to claim LENR is impossible just because he has no knowledge of how it could be possible.


  6. Kazm says:

    Amos, you are interpreting the bible the way you would like it to mean whatever it is you want it to mean. Just whast areyou trying to imply about that particular verse? From the wording ” circle of the earth” you get that the earth is round or that the earth is spinning or the earth orbits the sun or something else about earth that describes a circle. And because it says so in that book means that the book is somehow true? Is that book truth telling or do you just like the stories in it so much that you wish they were true?


  7. Amos says:

    Kazm, the bible has been shown multiple times to be both historically and scientifically accurate. For example, people did not believe a man named Pontius Pilate ever existed, until archeology confirmed it. The Tel Dan Inscription by the ancient Syrian king Hazael from 900 BC verifies the existence of King David and his dynasty. The Miriam ossuary contains inscriptions proving the existence of Caiaphas, Jesus’ antagonist, & his position as high priest. The Black Obelisk of the Assyrian king, Shalmaneser, from around 850 BC, contains a text & drawings of Israelite king Jehu, detailing Jehu’s tribute of silver and gold. Not to mention the 3 000 year old Samson seal, the dead sea scrolls, the Cyrus cylinder, the plaster tablet of Tiglath-pilesar, the king Sargon prism, the Sennacherib prism, the Nabonidus Stele, the Siloam Inscription, the Esarhaddon Inscription, the Ashurbanipal bas-relief, the King Jeroboam seal, the The Ishtar Gate of Babylon, Uzziah Tablet Inscription, the Lion of Marduk, the royal standard of Ur (where Abraham was born), the Darius scepter, the colossal statue of pharoah Ramses 2, the Merneptah steele which is the oldest evidence for the existence of Israel in the land of Canaan in ancient times, and many other findings far to numerous to mention, all proving the authenticity of the bible.

    The bible even speaks of the water cycle before any scientist ever knew of a water cycle. Read Isaiah 55:10-11. Bottom line is that if the historical & scientific aspects of the bible have been proven multiple times to be true & accurate, why do we doubt the spiritual aspects of it?


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