Rossi’s E-Cat Appears In New Zealand Media Reports

The recent Independent test done on Rossi’s E-Cat has generated a little interest from some mainstream media, one of which is 3 News of New Zealand. 3 News is the television, internet, and radio news service of New Zealand’s first private commercial television channel TV3.

3 News article on LENR

3 News article on LENR

Below is an except from the article:

“An incredible new technology providing almost limitless energy could be just around the corner thanks to an Italian scientist. Andrea Rossi claims he’s developed the world’s first cold fusion power plant, and it’s small enough to fit into a shipping container.”


The article, however, goes on to quote skeptical scientists who say that the device is too good to be true and that the recent 3rd Part Report has not yet been published in peer reviewed journals. They’re adamant that extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof, and Rossi hasn’t quite got there yet.

Well, like the age old adage goes, no publicity is bad publicity.

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