What’s the deal with Solar Hydrogen Trends?

There’s an upstart called Solar Hydrogen Trends (SHT) from Menlo Park, close to Facebook headquarters,  that claims to have a hydrogen generation device that produces so much hydrogen it’s unbelievable. The device, which weighs about 100 kg, is known as a Symphony device because of the symphony of processes involved in producing the hydrogen. It generates as much as 7 kg of hydrogen every hour at 93% purity using some proprietary form of water electrolysis. This is an output of more than 220 KWh of chemical energy from an input of just 400 Wh of electricity; making an amazing COP of over 500. SHT say they actually discovered the hydrogen generation phenomena by mistake while working on a system to recover precious metals.

The input power requirement is so low that just 2 solar panels costing roughly $200 can power the symphony device for life.

The most surprising thing about this technology is it converts 98% of water to hydrogen, signifying a type of nuclear reaction is taking place. The technology is incredible because in one day, just 100 symphony devices can make enough hydrogen to power 6 000 cars for an entire month, so definitely these devices can help every country in the world become self-sufficient in their energy, even more so when LENR is taken into account as a means of energy generation.

A Siemens Electrolyzer

A Siemens Electrolyzer

The device was independently tested by 2 entities, TRC Solutions &  AirKinetics, both of whom confirmed SHTs claims. Recently SHT presented at a Defence Energy conference, which shows they have a certain level of seriousness.

The question I ask is this: Corporations and Universities all over the world are struggling to create an efficient & cost effective electrolysis process for hydrogen production, yet SHT seems to have already accomplished such a feat. Why not start selling the Symphony devices all over the world or at the very least license the tech to other companies that are already in the business of making electrolyzers. SHT seems more interested in telling everybody how marvelous their technology is instead of getting it on the shelves at Walmart. But hopefully this will change soon. They say they’re looking for funding for a manufacturing facility but with the kind of results they’re getting I don’t see why it would take this long to get any funding at all, considering all the venture capital firms interested in this kind of tech. On top of that, they can simply get a loan from the bank, make one device, sell it for $1 million, pay back the bank, make a hundred more device, and so forth.

SHT also thinks the best way to go about the business is through government consortiums inorder to avoid worldwide market crushes, i.e. nations coming together to discuss the symphony device. This is total hogwash coz geopolitics is none of SHT’s business really.

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13 Responses to What’s the deal with Solar Hydrogen Trends?

  1. Dear Amos,

    Thank you for your informative article posted recently on “New Energy Treasure – The Coming Energy Revolution” website. Your assessment of the great potential of our hydrogen reactor technology is accurate but the performance data that you posted does not reflect the latest achievements of Symphony 7A reactor.

    The hydrogen reactor generates more than 17kg of hydrogen every hour at 96.7% purity. The process involved in the hydrogen production is more than simple electrolysis. It is a combination of 16 physicochemical processes that work together in unison (hence the “Symphony” naming of the reactor) to convert water into mostly hydrogen. There is a small quantity of Nitrogen (1.3%) and Oxygen (1.9%) on average in the reactor output verified by the TRC Solutions, one of the most reputable gas measurement companies in the world.

    The electrical output equivalent from an input of 414 Wh was calculated to be 626 KWh or COP close to 1500 times.

    Spreading this technology worldwide at this stage will be irresponsible because it has the potential to crash the world markets. There will be great irreparable damage done to the current energy structures and systems. It is our duty to bring maximum benefit to USA and to its national security without hurting the world economy. We prefer an evolutionary development and implementation of our technology rather than a revolutionary and drastic change in energy supplies.

    This is the most unparalleled cutting edge technology developed in the history of mankind and should be treated as a national treasure. If it is allowed to end up in the hands of the rivals of the USA they will gain superiority in the military industrial capabilities which will be a threat to national security and economy. The US government can leverage this technology to pull itself from under this burdensome debt of 20 trillion dollars in a very short period of time.

    Thank you again for following and talking about Solar Hydrogen Trends and it’s hydrogen reactor technology that will soon make the Age of Hydrogen a reality within our lifetime.

    Solar Hydrogen Trends, Inc.
    Hakop Jack Aganyan and Konstantin Balakiryan


  2. C. T. Amos says:

    Thank you for you comment and for the corrections you made. However, I have to disagree with you on the best-path-to-market for a number of reasons. Yes, hydrogen is the energy source of the future but there are already many people and companies involved in creating new energy generation technologies using LENR processes. Allowing them to beat you to market will be a terrible blow to your business, notwithstanding the fact that there is probably already somebody else out there also discovering these very same symphonies just like you did.

    There are billions of people in the world that are suffering under the heavy hand of high energy prices, lack of access to electricity, and the global financial system seeking the control of the oil market through wars and such. And let’s not forget the amount of terrorism being sponsored by oil money (ISIS, Boko Haram, etcetera). It is evil to withhold a solution to all these problems for the sake of giving USA an early advantage. After all, if the Symphony 7A really does what you claim, then every nation will soon make their own anyway just as they did with nuclear weapons after discovering that America had one.

    Consider that in 2011 South Korea spent $170 billion on imported energy, imagine how much poor developing countries are spending on energy as a percentage of their GDP. This is just not right.


  3. A. N. Shura says:

    Respectfully I must disagree with the assertion the world economy may collapse with the introduction of this technology. I think there is a much greater probability of collapse with eco- disasters such as Fukushima and global warming. In fact the fall in oil prices is credited with a higher probability of a broad based economic recovery both in the US and internationally.
    Oil and food has been used as a tool of control often usually along the lines of have and have not regions while sapping the independence of populations. No matter how fast the technology is adopted for use it will be a while to fully implement a hydrogen economy. If the tipping points of global warming and pollution are not addressed now we all lose.


  4. C. T. Amos says:

    Those are good points A. N. Shura. I don’t really buy into the global warming idea but the fact that any new energy source will lead to lower oil prices definitely won’t hurt anybody. There’s an energy revolution on the horizon, and it’s going to happen with or without SHT. I prefer that they lead they way.


  5. C. T. Amos says:

    Response by Sterling Allan from PESN:

    Like Amos, over at New Energy Treasure, I, too, must disagree with SHT’s gradual roll-out strategy limited at first to the United States. First, the U.S. is no longer the bastion of freedom it once was, but has become the premier tool for enslaving humanity. It’s military is being not to liberate the captives but to spread the socialist New World Order. “Military-Industrial-complex” is not a compliment, but stands for a very evil body, from which we should stay as far away as possible.

    If SHT were working with a subset of the U.S. military that is yet for freedom as a hold-out against the encroaching tyranny, that would be awesome.

    I agree with Amos that these emerging exotic free energy technologies are about freedom and empowering humanity — power to the people, literally and figuratively. It provides a tool for them to throw off the captivity of the petrodollar and the conspirators who have rallied around that doomed system that is all about captivity and destruction, both of people and of the planet.

    Gratefully, SHT is not the only exotic free energy breakthrough that is emerging. There are others as well that can help free humanity as they turn back to God and goodness, to warrant and prosper in the freedom these will engender.

    We need to have trust that the transition from polluting to non-polluting energy sources can happen without too many problems. People are resilient and adaptable when challenged. In fact they do their best when challenged.


  6. Peter Lang says:

    you don’t need their tech to make fuel from water. you can use photonic metamaterials like at the university of michigan. takes terahertz energy from the air makes hydrogen from water here is video: http://youtu.be/x5jOwslnhZs


  7. Ever since the beginning I was skeptical regarding the way in which this type of generator will be put into use. It’s not the skepticism that drives me, it’s something else.
    I am absolutely sure this invention works as Mr. Balakiryan is claiming and I am also convinced that he is aware of the details which I will explain below.
    From a very brief description we know that we obtain approx. 97% hydrogen.
    From the chemistry class we know that 1 kg of water has 111.19 grams of hydrogen and 888.81 grams of oxygen.
    Oxygen, as we all know, is formed from 8 electrons, 8 protons and 8 neutrons, which considering its 888.81 grams means ~0.25 grams electrons, ~443.65 grams protons and ~444.9 grams neutrons. This means that from 1 kg of water we can obtain a maximum of ~555.34 grams hydrogen! Where did the ~444.9 grams of neutrons disappear? Well, they did not disappear! Mr. Balakiryan says that it’s 97% of the mass of water. If it’s so, it means that the ~444.9 grams of neutrons are inside the hydrogen’s nucleus resulted by splitting the oxygen atom, and we do not have hydrogen but deuterium, which means a final result of 111.19 grams hydrogen and 888.81 grams of deuterium.
    A remarkable invention, even from the point of view! Using this on an industrial scale would mean an enormous quantity of heavy water released into the atmosphere, which is harmful to all living creatures. Basically this pollution would be worse than the one with carbon dioxide, which is recycled by plants. As a conclusion, the real reason why this invention will not be put into any practical use is this and not because it threatens the global economy.


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  9. TPBurnett says:

    I am a proponent of things LENR but I have a problem with this particular process. I it works the way described then it is permanently removing Oxygen from our environment. True that this Oxygen is being pulled from water, but, the Hydrogen produced from this Oxygen will most likely be burned with Oxygen in the atmosphere to produce energy and water again. On an industrial scale this would mean that millions of tons of Oxygen from the atmosphere would be being sequestered into water every year. Further, that Oxygen would then be at risk to being converted to Hydrogen by this process. I don’t think that this would be much of a problem if the Hydrogen was only produced for non-energy purposes but large scale energy production could take away the very air we breathe.


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  11. Neil Lizotte says:

    To my knowledge there is no pollution created from any LENR related system.

    Also Stan Meyers created a system that produced much less hydrogen and after he signed a deal with the Pentagon, he was murdered soon after and his inventions stolen.

    Climate change is our biggest threat to our economy and the faster LENR technologies make it to mass production all over the world the better.

    With LENR related technologies we will hear of processes that seem impossible like SHT’s hydrogen on demand system, but please remember we were told cold fusion did not work and could not be replicated, which turned out to be a fabricated lie of mass proportions.

    I would like to see more testing done with input from the LENR community on the testing process to use testing procedures that will leave no doubt with the results.

    There have been comments that the testing was not done under laboratory settings and that the testing was done beside a swimming pool with out proper testing systems.

    I do not believe testing was performed pool side for the reports presented, but would like more information on how and where testing was performed and with what type of testing instruments.

    The results could be off by a very large margin and this would still be a major breakthrough.


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