LENR Replication Efforts By The MFMP Group

After Parkhomov’s successful replication of Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat, the Martin Fleischman Memorial Project group (MFMP) is also attempting a replication of their own. They’ve made 2 attempts so far which unfortunately have produced no excess heat but are nonetheless not failures as a lot has been learned through them. In both tests done so far, hydrogen has leaked until there’s absolutely none left to react with the nickel, though this happened much more rapidly in the 1st test than the 2nd. This seems to be the only hindrance to excess heat so finding an effective high temperature seal is the solution.

Below are some details of the experiment

Lithium Alanate – 0.1 grams (containing 0.01062 grams of hydrogen)
Nickel – 0.9 grams
Internal cell volume – 2.5 cc
Max Internal Temperature reached – 600 ˚C
Pressure at 500 ˚C – 35 bars / 3.5 mps

Temperature vs Pressure Graph

Temperature vs Pressure Graph

It’s now been shown that the Lithium Alanate is breaking down at around 150 ˚C to 180 ˚C. Excellent confirmation of the breakdown of LiAlH4.

Also, stainless steel bled hydrogen straight through it when it got to 500 ˚C. Hydrogen leaked out of the cell steadily and rapidly, seemingly starting around 237 W after the Lithium Alanate had already disassociated.

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