E-Cat vs Symphony – Who Wins?

The year is 2020, LENR is now an accepted, well understood, and established energy source. It has full self sustain mode, meaning the reaction is ignited once and continues unabated until hydrogen is depleted, just like the Sun. The LENR devices also have a 20% nuclear efficiency routinely achieved with 1 gram of hydrogen and are stable enough to run for 2 full years without safety concerns. The most widely used LENR device with the largest market share in the world is the E-Cat. It works in tandem with Stirling engines that have a 20 % efficiency and are coupled with Gensets that come with an 80% efficiency.

Symphony vs E-Cat

Symphony vs E-Cat. Click to Enlarge.

While in the other corner is a miniaturized Symphony 20 Lite by Solar Hydrogen Trends, designed specifically for the home users, and producing hydrogen that’s fed into a tank with compression capability and then to a Fuel Cell with 80% efficiency.

Both are powered by Solar energy and both do not require continuous power input; the E-Cat has SSM while the Symphony produces too much Hydrogen in one go that it has to be shut down for extended periods of time.

Who wins the battle? Looks to me like like the E-Cat is wining this one. Only downside is the installation cost; Genset, Batteries, Stirling engine.

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3 Responses to E-Cat vs Symphony – Who Wins?

  1. tyy says:

    Imaginary technologies and scams do not help much in solving actual problems.


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