Hydrogen Powered Vehicles on The Market Today

With all the progress being made in the energy industry, I don’t think there’ll be any new gasoline / diesel vehicles manufactured from 2030 onwards. This applies to aircraft and heavy earth moving equipment as well.

Honda FCV

Honda FCV

The 1st commercially available hydrogen Fuel Cell (FC) car was the Toyota Mirai. Unfortunately it was a 4 seater sedan, so right out of the gate it was never going to be a very practical car for most people. Both the Mirai & the new Honda Clarity FCV claim a hydrogen tank capacity of 5 kg, which should be enough for cruising range of around 500 miles (800 km) if we assume an FC Efficiency of 60%. However, their EPA rating stands at 300 miles, so that means an actual efficiency of just 40%. Present day PEM FC technology, which is what’s being used for these vehicles, allows for as much as 70% efficiency, but obviously the car makers just haven’t gotten there yet. Other FC designs, such as Solid Oxide FC (SOFC) can go up to 85% efficiency in Combined Heat & Power (CHP) systems.

The Hyundai iX35 FCV is another fuel cell vehicle on the market today. It has a 5.6 kg hydrogen tank and can only do about 369 miles. The one advantage both it and the Honda Clarity have over the Mirai is they seat 5 people. See below a comparison of all the 3 vehicles.

Comparison of Fuel Cell Vehicles

Comparison of Fuel Cell Vehicles

Fuel Cells will in the future also be added to bicycles as well. They’ll work a lot better than the present day battery systems currently in use. UPDATE: Just discovered the below Fuel Cell bike from Linde. This is a prototype released in October 2015. It supports assisted pedaling over a range in excess of 100 kilometers (63 miles) from only 34 grams of hydrogen and can be refueled in 5 minutes.

Fuel Cell Bicycle

Fuel Cell Bicycle

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