New Breakthrough In Hydrogen Production

A silicon valley upstart, Joi Scientific, claims to have made an amazing breakthrough they say allows for cheap on-demand generation of hydrogen. The excess hydrogen produced will be enough to power the reaction via fuel cells, so the only input power required is simply for getting the reaction started. Apparently their patented chemical reaction process has solved the problems that have kept hydrogen from being widely used for energy, with the premise that instead of spending millions storing and distributing hydrogen, you simply make it on site, where and when you need it.

Mark Dansie believes this company is legit, but after the disappointments with Solar Hydrogen Trends, I’m not believing anything until I see proof. I contacted Joi Scientific and asked for more details but their response was that they’re simply not quite ready to answer my questions just yet. They however promised they’d be revealing more about the company and it’s technology in 2016

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