Upcoming Blacklight Power Demonstration

Blacklight Power Brilliant Light Power have announced that they’ll be making a public demonstration of their SunCell energy unit on the 28th of January.

SunCell_group700w (1)

The SunCell is an LENR device (though Randy Mills rejects this) that makes clean energy through a non-radiation producing nuclear process that the company claims replicates the behavior on the surface and corona of the Sun. The energy generated is double that of the input electrical energy (5 MW vs 10 MW) and is in the form of light, which can then be converted to electricity via photovoltaics.

The 2 most promising electricity producing nuclear systems today are the SunCell and Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat X. Unlike the SunCell, the E-Cat X produces electricity directly from the nuclear reaction.

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3 Responses to Upcoming Blacklight Power Demonstration

  1. Tom Parsons says:

    Not LENR. In fact the E-CAT is most likely a hydrino device.


  2. Amos says:

    Why not LENR?


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