Big Revelation Coming

Our friends at the Quantum Heat project (also known as MFMP or Martin Fleischman Memorial Project) have made a very tantalizing and curious announcement about certain information they intend to release to the world concerning LENR. They believe this information will end the world’s reliance on carbon fuels forever and it will not be possible to stop. That was the ENTIRE purpose of the modus operandi of the team over at MFMP. In fact, they’re not only going to reveal the technology to the world tomorrow, Wednesday 24 February 2016, they’re also going to share all the details about how to replicate it. That is, if you give a man a cup of tea,  he will drink it all and have none tomorrow,  but if you show him how to make tea,  he will be drinking tea for the rest of his life.

LENR Reactor Preparation

The project was set up to see if citizen scientists could do what others had failed to do. It appears they’ve succeeded but we’ll only know for sure tomorrow. They ran their tests over a period of a full year and are ready to make their results public, even stating categorically that soon people will laugh at the thought that humans used to burn Hydrocarbons for the bulk of their energy needs. Can’t wait.

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  3. Amos says:

    I think so too.


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