Only Under A Trump Presidency Can A New Energy Source Succeed

Donald Trump.jpgLove him or hate him, agree with his outlandish statements or not, loath his pompous self-praise or not, one thing’s for certain: Donald Trump loves to win, and he’s not beholden to any special interest groups, donors, or lobbyists. No other president or politician in history has ever been as independent in his actions, without outside influence, as much as Donald Trump.

Right now, the Keystone Pipeline cannot be built because of environmental impact statements.

Tree Hugger 1

Tree-hugging snail-lover.

The Environmentalists, who love trees, frogs, snakes and snails more than people, always fight huge construction projects that could benefit the economy and millions of people in terms of employment. All on the basis of taking care of the environment.

Donald Trump is the only man under who’s presidency the Oil Conglomerates will have no voice.

Cold Fusion / LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reactions) has been known since the 23rd of March 1989, yet still today the United States and the world as a whole remains under the stranglehold of Middle Eastern Oil. On January 14 of 2011, a public demonstration of an LENR device was performed, nothing has happened since. The DOE (Department of Energy) did not take any notice. In March 2013, 3rd party Independent test results of this device were released to the public. The test lasted a full 32 days and was conducted by a dozen respected and renowned professors, scientists with PhDs, and Engineers. It showed that the device had an energy density of 1 600 MWh/kg, compared to  0.012 MWh/kg for gasoline, and had produced 1.5 MWh of energy over the entire duration of the test, from only 1 gram of a hydrogen-based fuel.

Only 1 gram!!! And the fuel wasn’t even finished by the time the test was ended. The tested had to be manually shut down otherwise it would have go on forever.

An LENR device the size of your fist can provide enough energy to power an entire home.

An LENR device the size of your fist can produce enough energy to power an entire home.

Faced with the above facts, a typical politician will ask scientists, “Is this possible?” Scientists will say “no” and the politician will forget about it and move on to the next subject. Donald Trump, a business man, will instead of brushing the tech aside, actually set up a special task-force / team of scientists to investigate the claims, chaired by a man he trusts, who is open minded and has no special interests tied to him but the good of the nation. That way, if the device really works, Trump will know, and if it doesn’t, he will know.

Even worse, a typical politician will be told by his backers; the donors, special interest groups, and lobbyists who contributed millions of $$ to his election campaign and represent multi-trillion dollar oil companies, that there is no way in hell this LENR device must be investigated or promoted.

This is the conundrum the world faces. It is called greed. The Greed of Mankind is the cause of all corruption and much stupidity in politics.


Greed: The Cause Of Corruption

A brilliant mind like Donald Trump’s will not allow such an opportunity to pass by just because somebody says the science behind this device is impossible. Honestly, do we not all know about Einstein’s equation, E=mc2? You don’t need a high IQ to understand that this equation is telling us that 1 gram of hydrogen has more energy than 90 000 barrels of oil. But only under a Trump presidency, who’s beholden to no Oil Company, Environmentalist, or Special Interest group, will LENR flourish.

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7 Responses to Only Under A Trump Presidency Can A New Energy Source Succeed

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  2. tyy says:

    Imaginary technology under imaginary president. Imagine that.

    Agreed on one thing; wind power sux


  3. Wayne Owen says:

    What a beautiful LENR device. Now all we need is an inexhaustible domestic resource of ultra-dense hydrogen fuel. Hmmm…..


  4. Amos says:

    Not really since you only need 1 gram of hydrogen based fuel per year. If for safety reasons the fuel is replaced every month that make 12 grams; 1 gram per month.


  5. Paul Maher (@pmaher_art) says:

    I’m afraid none of them will have the balls to take on the oil companies. But I know lots of folks that that have a deep seated hope for LENR, and if not LENR, perhaps ZPE or Solid State Generators that hold a special place in the world of Metamaterials. Lots of ways to extract energy from the environment safely, and cheaply. Who will have the intestinal fortitude to launch the first product. I understand that @LENRLtd offers a replication kit. NASA is gaga over the thought of using LENR to power a Spaceplane. Spaceplanes from NASA
    This is what has sold me on LENR.

    Paul D. Maher


  6. Amos says:

    Are you serious?

    Trump has has single handedly taken on the whole political system of the United States and won. He has reduced the all-powerful mainstream media to nothing. He has fearlessly spoken against and pissed of the leaders of the world’s largest economies; China, Germany, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Belgium. And he has won the argument against Mexico’s former president Vincente Fox. He has not cowered in the face of fierce admonition & hatred against his ideas, but has stood his ground against every single political, media, and business voice that would stand against him, revealing the truth of the inner workings of donors, lobbyists, and special interests. He whipped into submission the Bush family, the Romneys, the Clintons.

    Do you really think he’s afraid of the Oil people? Come on.


  7. paul says:

    What I believe is that ownership of trump is shared between BIG GREASY and Putin
    the evidence is increasing.


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