Bill Gates Launches $1 Billion Clean Energy Venture Fund

Bill Gates has announced that he’s launching a $1 billion fund called Breakthrough Energy Ventures Fund (BEV) to invest in new forms of clean energy. Together with the likes of Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Michael Bloomberg, Richard Branson, Nigeria’s Aliko Dangote, Vhinod Khosla, & Mark Zuckerberg, the group of 12 wealthy individuals formed the BEV that will invest more than $1 billion in scientific breakthroughs that have the potential to deliver cheap and reliable clean energy to the world.

Gates noted that when it comes to energy the transition from idea to product to company is often complicated by the challenges of the market. Unlike a software start up, getting a new energy technology from a lab to market takes a lot of infrastructure, a lot of upfront capital, and a lot of time. As such, the Breakthrough Energy Ventures Fund is willing to wait a longer time for returns than most other funds.

One of the goals of the the BEV is carbon-free transportation and figuring out how to deliver reliable, affordable zero-carbon electricity to the world? Gates also had a meeting with Trump where they discussed “innovation”. Gates came out of the meeting with the impression that just as JFK united the nation through NASA’s space exploration, Trump could unite through innovation.

Great opportunity for the two leading LENR entrepreneurs; Andrea Rossi and Randell Mills, wouldn’t you say?

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1 Response to Bill Gates Launches $1 Billion Clean Energy Venture Fund

  1. wlazlak t says:

    First fix the global warming. take out the air in the billions of tires around the world replace it with the green house gas CO2 The air in the tires belongs in the atmosphere. and the CO2 can fill up the tires and not be causing global warming. Tom Wlazlak


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