Andrea Rossi – Fraudster Or Just Incompetent?

Just a quick update of my thoughts on Andrea Rossi, inventor of the E-Cat (Energy Catalyzer) Cold Fusion / LENR device.

Since 2011 Rossi has been making the same bold statements about how he’s only a few months away from producing a commercial product and how he has a robotized factory already in place. Even I too was a believer. I remember getting so excited back in January 2011 when Rossi 1st appeared with his E-Cat demo, I was even one of those who pre-ordered a unit. But what happened over the next 10 years after that? Absolutely nothing. No working prototype, no commercial product. It’s always one new and better type of E-Cat now under development after another. Same old story. Now he’s dumped the E-Cat and is now working on something called an E-CAT SK.

Look what happened with Thomas Darden, CEO of Cherokee Investments, and how Rossi received $millions from them and bought himself some nice real estate but never produced a working product for Cherokee to recoup their investment. It starts to make sense why Rossi was once arrested for fraud back in the 70s and his Petroldragon company was shut down by the Italian gvt. Then in 2003 he got a contract to produce a thermoelectric device for the US army and even though he promised his device was superior to other devices and could produce 1,000 watts, it produced only 1 watt, or 1/1000 of the claimed performance. To be fair, the US army did say they felt Rossi was not a fraudster but just that he was not competent enough to deliver anything nearly as good as other contractors. Bottom line, his failure came down to incompetence.

Rossi may have some good ideas but nothing will ever come of it. He will always continue to over-promise and under-deliver. Steven B. Krivit was right all along.

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