Widom-Larsen Theory
Ultra Low Momentum Neutron Catalyzed Nuclear Reactions on Metallic Hydride Surfaces. Explains how weak interaction catalysis eliminates the need for Coulomb barrier physics in LENR.

Generalized Theory of Bose-Einstein Condensation Nuclear Fusion for Hydrogen-Metal System. Explains the fusion of Nickel & hydrogen in LENR experiments.

Anomalous Heat Production in Ni-H Systems
A 1994 paper by professor Sergio Forcadi & Pianteli on their 1992 experiment wherein solid Nickel was loaded with hydrogen. The experiment produced excess heat and showed that the reaction could be controlled by regulating the hydrogen pressure.

GUT-QP by Randell Mills
Grand Unified Theory of Quantum Physics.

Oppenheimer Phillips Process
A deuteron-induced nuclear reaction that allows a nuclear interaction to take place at lower energies than would be expected from a simple calculation of the Coulomb barrier.

Biological Transmutations Jean-Paul Biberian
Studies of Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENRs) show that nuclear reactions of various kinds can be initiated in inorganic solid materials under conditions similar to those present during biological transmutations.

Transmutaion of Nuclear Waste in Microbiological Cultures by V.I. Vysotskii
Nuclear transmutation of radioactive isotopes and reactor waste deactivation in biological systems.

Biological Transmutation – C. Louis Kervran
The transmutation of elements in microbial transmutators.

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