Havilah: A Cold Fusion Novel

Well, it’s not really a cold fusion novel per se but Cold Fusion does play a big role in it. Published in 2012, it is a fascinating Sci-fi tale about Samson, a man who fortuitously inherits from a stranger a Ford Mad Max Interceptor. Little does he know just how special this car is. He soon realizes that it has an LENR powered engine capable of powering it for up to 10 months on just 10 liters of water. It’s also a time travel machine.

Ford Mad Max InterceptorFord 2

Samson was minding his own business when he received a package from a man he had never met before. Unknown to him, he had just received an advanced scientific prototype able to unlock secrets of the universe in ways no scientist had ever thought possible. It allowed him to travel thousands of years into the past and have marvelous adventures in ancient times, even managing to rescue one city and it’s people from utter destruction. Unfortunately for him, the United States government had spent billions of dollars on this technology and were working real hard to get it back. Afraid that it might fall into the wrong hands, they would not rest until they had recovered it.

Even though this a self published book, I’ve done my best to make sure it’s error-free and professionally written. Please order a copy, it’s only $8 and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

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