Blacklight Power – Update

Continuing from our last discussion on Blacklight Power a few weeks ago, they finally performed their demonstration on the 21st of July, 4 days ago. The main purpose of this demo was to show, not a product ready for sale, but a proof of concept device producing continuous power.

Blacklight Power SunCell Powered Car

Blacklight Power SunCell Powered Car – Can do 3,000 miles on 1 liter of water

This is the first time Blacklight Power has been able to produce continuous power since inception. The demo was comprised of a 27W LED light being lit by a machine operating at 2000 RPM. Below are some of the take aways from Randell Mills’ presentation:

  1. The SunCell device produces electrical energy in 1 cubic foot volume with water as fuel.
  2. Optimum RPM for continuous smooth output will be increased to 4000 RPM.
  3. SunCell has a power density of 10GW/liter compared to 10KW/liter for an ICE (Internal Combustion Engine). The power density was validated by 2 Caltech Professors.
  4. The technology makes use of photovoltaics (PVs) to convert the light generated directly into electricity. Their hope is that the PV will have a 40% efficiency at a luminosity of 1000 suns. Already multiple companies have reached over 40% Efficiency on Tripple junction Concentrated PVs.
Randell Mills

Randell Mills making a presentation on the SunCell.

Most of these PVs are not in production but still this shows that the technology exists and can be commercialized. Some of the companies are:

  1. Sharp – 44.4% efficiency at 302 suns
  2. Solar Junction – 44% efficiency at 947 suns
  3. Soitec – 44.7% at efficiency 319 suns
  4. Fraunhofer – 44.7% efficiency at 297 suns

As for normal crystalline silicon (c-Si) solar cells, Panasonic for example can produce 200W per square meter at 20% efficiency.

Various SunCell modules will output anywhere from 250KW to 10MW electric power, with a required Ignition power of 240KW for the 10MW unit and an average power input of 10KW, meaning therefore an impressive COP of 1000. Water consumption will be about 33 liters per hour.

Going forward, Blacklight Power will outsource an engineering firm to make a 100KW prototype unit in 4 months time, at a cost of $50k. If this can happen, it will be big news indeed in the energy field. At these prices, they believe a 100KW unit will pay itself off in 28 days, while a 4KW unit can pay itself off in just 1 day of use.

Business-wise, they shall license original equipment manufactures to fabricate SunCell units to exclusively sell to Blacklight Power. In layman’s terms: China!

No doubt this all looks rather promising but it remains to be seen what will come of it. I’d also like to know the effects of wear & tear on the system as well as what heat dissipation mechanisms will be employed. Notwithstanding, I say well done to you Randell Mills.

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